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    Indoor Cycling - High-intensity exercise on stationary bikes brand Tomahawk emotionally tuned to the accompaniment of music. Strengthened and shaped mainly the buttocks, cellulite and get rid of your condition after a few hours, visibly improved. Cycling is also more effective for fitness components in the upper body. Indoor cycling will come to a boil and completely get rid of your accumulated worries. Full hour you will be accompanied by professional instructors.

    AEROBIC - not only shapes your figure and increases physical fitness, but also contributes significantly to the overall physical and mental health. Includes basic steps, which are gradually joining the group

    CARDIOAEROBIC - Trains aerobic group, which includes the basic steps are repeated several times in a row, the link between the exercises are simple, focus is mainly on the pace. This type of load leads to improved respiratory and circulatory system, and significantly when it burns fat layer.

    STEPAEROBIC - This is a form of aerobic loading, using the platform "Step". The main objective is to work for the muscles so as to achieve the optimum reinforcement and thus increase their working capacity, which ensures better functioning of the motor and improves the overall coordination of movements.

    POWERAEROBIC - Trains aerobic group focused mainly on strengthening body parts, especially those muscles that are "visible", which is an attractive exercise. Formed mainly např.oblast problem areas on the buttock, abdomen, but also arms. It ensures that when balancing the imbalance.

    Bodystyling - This exercise is focused primarily on the steady strengthening the major muscle groups of the whole body and the formation of the whole figure. Kits are simple, connected to the undemanding choreography. The emphasis is also on pace to increase physical stamina.

    Power yoga - is a style of exercise that combines yoga positions and stretching. It is intended for stretching, relaxing and strengthening specific muscle groups. It is based on a periodic repetition of basic yoga positions in a dynamic sequence. Affects not only the body but also psychologically. This lesson is guided by a graduate of the Conservatory.

    DANCEJÓGA - based on dance technique, American dancer, choreographer and teacher Martha Graham. It is a special exercises, which leads to stretching of shortened muscles, the overall hardening of the body, improve coordination of hands and feet and to increase range of motion. It is the foundation of all modern dances and a great way to learn to "move". This lesson is also guided by a graduate of the Conservatory (at this hour do not take your shoes).

    Exercises with children
    -Make children and their parents happy and playful hour. Children gain the relationship of music and movement with a simple musical instruments. Trains and dance parents and children. It is a movement collaboration, which also deepens the relationship between parent and child.

    FIT BOX - This is a group, entertaining and highly energy-efficient use of specially modified boxing totems, in which at the same time clients are music, motivation, fitness, fun and mental relaxation. The original program was developed way to address the people of almost every age and fitness level.


    Zumba - Zumba is a dynamic new fitness program that combines elements of aerobic exercise and Latin American dances. It uses the basic steps of salsa, reggaeton, merengue and cumbia. Zumba is based on the principle of intermittent cardio training, which alternates with a slow swinging part, and this combination is a fat-burning and efficient formation of the body.


    • 1.6.2018-Vážení zákazníci, z důvodu soutěže “Taneční skupina roku” používejte tento víkend 1.6.-3.6.2018 zásobovací vchod od hotelu Slavia. Děkujeme za pochopení.
    • 27.3.2018-Vážení zákazníci, z důvodu rekonstrukce šaten pro sportovce bude ve čtvrtek 29.3. od 10:00 do 13:00 hodin  vypnutá elektřina. Fitness Slavia bude vzhledem k tomu fungovat v omezeném provozu. Děkujeme za pochopení 
    • 25.1.2018-Vážení zákazníci, na soláriu proběhl servis, seřízení a výměna trubic. Přijďte si k nám proto zkrátit dlouhé zimní měsíce, prohřát se a opálit se !

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